by Ras Kofi feat Bilal Samadhi and Tijani Conscious

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Do not think that those who are killed in the cause of GOD are dead; they are alive at their Lord, enjoying His provisions

Al Emran: 169

SANDRA BLAND'S MURDER BY POLICE OFFICERS IN WALLER COUNTY, TX on July 13, 2015 gave the world another intimate look at the sacrifice that Afrikan people have been forced to make in this country, simply for pursuing our human rights. It also gave us a reminder of the fearless energy of Afrikan woman when she has decided that enough is enough. Her energy touched us all in personal, specific ways, tugging at something which may have lain dormant for a while in our living souls. . The song celebrates her courage with a royal sendoff, sending salutations to warrior ancestors she will meet on her journey, and bridging the gap between their world and the world of those still walking earth in search of justice.


Sandra Bland, Sandra Bland, Sandra Bland Sandra Bland
Nuff nuff respect to a brave Afrikan
courageous Empress from Mt Zion
I woulda love fi defend you 'gainst de Satan
dem eat off yuh flesh 'cause yuh tek a real stand
trod down a Texas with a freedom plan
you neva was alone, yuh with the Almighty One
we n'ah guh badah watch de video pon dashcam
too much PAIN in the situation
yuh spirit lef yuh body, now de angels tek yuh hand
yuh essence now a fly ova de Afrikan land
looking fi de sweetest place fi guh land

Sandra Bland, Sandra Bland, Sandra Bland

Lumumba woulda know yuh as a Congo woman. Nzingha woulda hug yuh and squeeze off yuh hand. Sankara woulda hail yuh as an Upright woman. Look pon Shakza Zulu and Ghadaffi dem plan. Fi invade Texas with a heartical swarm. Kimathi woulda welcome yuh pon Kenya land. Samora woulda love yuh inna Mozambique land.
Yuh touch all we heart from Buxton to Boston. Seh dis one agu mek we we draw a line in de SAND. No MORE violation of the sweet black woman. Blood it agu run and locust swarm.

Sandra Bland. Sandra Bland, Sandra Bland Sandra Bland

Well give our regards to papa Fred Hampton. And hail Walter Rodney as a warriah whe gone. Salute Ida Wells cause she and you ah one. Embrace Araminta Harriet Tubman.

Queen Nanny woulda love yuh pon de Cockpit land. Guevera woulda tek yuh pon a sacred mission. Fi meet up the general Patrice Bookman. And liberate 1,000 Ethiopians. From outa bloody hand of the Zionist Clan

Sandra Bland. Sandra Bland Sandra Bland Sandra Bland.

Blessed in the eyes of the Lord
Is the blood of the slain (saints)
dem stand UP through sacrifice Through struggle and pain as long as we stand by the side we stay in their chains
Hear our cry oh JAH
Not long will the heathen reign


released October 12, 2015
Riddim produced by Overstand Entertainment. Used with permission for promotional purposes only. Written by K. Kwayana, B Abdulsamahd, T Abdulsamahd, S. Tijani



all rights reserved


raskofi Atlanta, Georgia

"While the borders that separate musical genres continue to fade, on therise is a new genre known simply as "good music". Rising out of this borderless musical landscape is Ras Kofi, a child of the hip hop generation, a product of the rising reggae revolution and an offspringof South America's political landscape…" Karen Marie Mason ... more

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